Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Easter

Mason looked really cute in his Easter clothes. We didn't get a good picture of Maddy because she was sick and didn't really get to go to church.
We made sugar cookies and the kids had fun decorating them.........for about 2 minutes and then I got to finish the rest. It's kind of fun for me for about the first 5 or 6 cookies and then it gets kind of old. I guess that's why we only have sugar cookies once or twice a year. Mason was concentrating very hard on getting those sprinkles on his cookie.

Carriage Hill Metro Park

Everyone was sick again during spring break so we didn't really get to do much. The one thing we did get to do was go up to a really cool park in Dayton. There is a farm that is run like it was in the 1800s and there are a few old houses you can walk through. There are people dressed up in 1800s clothes doing 1800s things. There were a bunch of walking trails and a place to go fishing. I was pretty impressed with the place. It was cold so we didn't get to see as much as we would have liked but I think we will probably try to go again once it gets warmer. If you look closely you can see a cat in most of the pictures. It followed us around the whole time we were there..........I think it was the best part of the whole thing for Maddy and Mason.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blizzard of 2008 + No snow plows=Cabin Fever

We survived our first blizzard. I guess there ended up being 20 inches of snow. It was bad enough that church got cancelled and we didn't get to leave the house for almost 3 days. I finally got sick of it and tried to go to the store. The snow plows don't bother to plow the neighborhoods so I got stuck and some nice person had to push the car so I could get home. It's true, I don't know how to drive in the snow. The main roads were totally fine but the side roads are terrible.......that's right, I'm talking to you city of Hilliard. I'm pretty sure it's not a big suprise that it snows in Ohio. So how about spending some of your money and getting a few more plows? Just a thought. It took Sam a reeeaaalllly long time to shovel the driveway. Maddy and Mason had fun playing in the snow again.......hopefully for the last time this winter. It definitely gave the local weather people something to talk about for hours at a time, which I know they enjoy. Good thing they have tornado season to look foreward to.

B is for Baking

Maddy knows most of the letters in the alphabet so lately we've been working on the sounds they make. We usually pick a theme for the week and then try to do activities and projects that go with the theme. For the letter B the theme was baking and we baked cookies and went to Panera Bread (the closest thing to a bakery I could think of) and the kids got to pick something yummy to eat. We made little baking hats and I think they both just look really cute!

Umm, Mason did it

Maddy has been a little naughty lately. She has gotten pretty good at writing some of the letters and paper just isn't doing the job anymore. I went to get her out of her car seat a few weeks ago and she had written all over the door. I asked her about it and she said, "Mason did it." Interesting........I didn't know that Mason could write the letter A. If you want to blame Mason you can't be writing letters. Just do a few scribbles.
This is part of the TV. I found a letter A on it the other day. I think " A" must be her favorite
This isn't a very good picture but there is a letter A on the bottom of Maddy's foot. I also found one on the couch. Good thing those markers are washable.

Should I be worried?

So Mason likes to wear my shoes. I guess it's probably because he sees Maddy doing it all the time and he always wants to do what she's doing. I've tried to suggest that he could wear dad's shoes but he just says no......which by the the way is his new favorite word. Just as long as he's not still doing it when he's 20, right?