Saturday, November 1, 2008

Family Home Evening Halloween

I guess I should have put this post before the actual Halloween one, but oh well. On the Monday before Halloween I usually try to make something Halloweeny for dinner and then we carve the pumpkins for FHE. This year we had a mummy sandwich and chocolate pumpkin cake. The kids really loved digging the insides out of the pumpkins. Mason took forever with his pumpkin and cried when we finally made him be finished. Sam is pretty good at coming up with good pumpkin faces. Mine is the generic one with triangle eyes and nose. Maddy designed the face for her pumpkin all by herself. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was a day early this year in our neighborhood. For some reason the city decided that trick-or-treating for kids in Hilliard was going to be on the 30th instead of on real Halloween........but Maddy and Mason didn't mind one bit. Maddy decided she wanted to be a cat and Mason wanted to be a firefighter. We went out to get candy with some friends and I think they all had fun and got way too much candy. So far they havn't noticed that most of their chocolate candy is missing from their bags...... I guess moms and dads should get some treats on Halloween also :).