Monday, September 29, 2008

Nice Day for the Park

The weather has been really nice lately so we've been going to the park a lot. This is Mason's favorite hat. He actually has two of them and he keeps one in the car for when we drive places and one in the house for when we go to the park. If we forget to put it on him he will talk about the hat all the way to the park and then some when we get there. One of Maddy's favorite things to do is ride her bike. She is getting to be really fast on it and Mason and I have a hard time keeping up in the wagon.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby #3

So we decided that it wasn't enough for 2009 to be graduating from Optometry school, finding a job, moving and helping to sell a house..........lets have another baby just to make things interesting :). Baby #3 should be arriving around January 18 and the doctor said it will be another little boy. Sam asked Mason if he was excited to have a little brother and Mason said, "No, only Mason. Only boy, Mason." Mason doesn't waste time sugar coating things.

Raisin Bread

I made this bread while we were in Utah and I had to take a picture of it because it turned out so pretty. I'm not a very good bread maker so usually it turns out all lumpy and deformed looking. Now there is proof that at least once I made a good looking loaf of bread.........and it tasted pretty good too, if I do say so myself.

Left over summer pictures

So we are finally back from our summer in Utah..........and I"m finally getting around to putting some more stuff on our blog. These are just some pictures from this summer. We bought a really cheap kite and the kids had fun flying it. I think it was the best kite I've ever tried to fly.......or maybe windy Ohio is just a really good place to fly a kite. Even Mason could keep it up in the air. And then there are a few pictures of Maddy and Mason swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Kimball'ls house.