Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This year we had a cheerleader, two spidermen and an escaped convict..... who didn't want to wear his hat.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Just some pictures

My mom requested some pictures so I'm putting some up.... I'm a horrible blogger.  My brain just doesn't have the energy to think of things to write.  It's too tired and old.........or something.  Maybe just lazy.  Ya, that's probably it.  Lazy.   But I think my lazy brain can manage some pictures so here we go.

Wallowa Lake

We went up to a really pretty lake a few months ago.  Everyone had fun in the boats and nobody even fell in. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Maddy's Baptism

Maddy got baptized on Saturday. I can't believe that she is already eight years old.
Here are some things about Maddy. She loves school and always works really hard there. She really likes to read and reads very well. She is a good big sister and Mason and Jack always want to play with her. Maddy will help with William. She will hold him or play with him if I need to finish something. Maddy likes animals and Penny likes her the best. She is a good artist and spends lots of time drawing and coloring. We are all really proud of her decision to be baptized.
Hey, I'm actually in a picture. Ugh. Oh well, now you can see that I was actually there.

Maddy wanted a cupcake cake. I think if I had made the very bottom a different color it would have worked better. It still tasted good and that's what really matters anyway. Happy Birthday Maddy!

Blue Steel

This is William's Blue Steel. He's pretty good at it. He said he was going for a surprised yet slobbery look. He can also only roll over to the right.

If you havn't seen Zoolander or are embarrassed to admit that you have, none of this will make any sense.... you can just look at the cute pictures and not worry about anything else.

He is currently working on a new look. It also involves slobber.

Birthday Banner

I finally finished this birthday banner after starting it 2 years ago. It's made of fabric so you can keep it and use it for a long time. I can't believe that I actually finished something.

Jack's Birthday

Jack turned three a few weeks ago. He wanted a Batman cake, so that's what he got...sort of. He also wanted a little Batman car that Santa forgot to bring at Christmas. Jack requested McDonalds for lunch and I even remembered to do a treasure hunt to find his presents. Sometimes I have forgotten this part but they all seem to really like it, so from now on I'll remember. I think I'll just write a few things about Jack. He has finally started talking. We kind of thought there was something wrong but all of a sudden he can say pretty much anything he wants. Maybe he just didn't really care before? He loves super heroes....all of them. He loves to play with legos and with Mason. When Maddy and Mason want to play something alone it makes him very sad. He really likes Will but I think Jack makes Will nervous. Jack doesn't walk places, he only runs. Jack does some pretty funny dances. You should ask to see them sometime. He loves to play the computer and can get online and find the games he wants to play all by himself. I still have to ask Sam sometimes how to do things on the computer. Hey, the only things I used the computer for as a kid was playing Tetris and Oregon trail. Everyone likes Jack because he's a pretty charming little guy. Happy Birthday Jack!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just some pictures


We had a nice Christmas at home this year. It was kind of sad to not be around our families, but I think the kids still had a good time. We didn't open presents until after church and nobody seemed to mind.