Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Father's Day.........just a few days late

I just wanted to tell my dad happy fathers day. My dad would always say that he could write things better than he could maybe say them. I have kept all of the letters that my dad has given me and sometimes I even go back and read them again. Thank you for always writing what I needed to hear...... or needed to read. Thank you for being one of the greatest examples of giving service that I have known. You are always willing to help someone, even when it might not be the most convenient time for you. Thank you for being a good grandpa. Maddy and Mason were so excited to see you and mom when you came to visit last month. Thanks for being my dad. I love you!

I always knew that I wanted to marry someone who was like my dad in a lot of ways......and I think I did. Sam never looks at this so I can write whatever I want. Thank you for being a such a great dad. Maddy and Mason run to the door to see you when you come home from school and they are always a little disappointed when you won't be home until late. Thank you for also being a good example of serving others. You are always ready to help someone move or whatever they might need. I'm really proud of how well you have done in school. You've worked really hard and I know you are going to be a great eye doctor. I love you!

Our blog is on a bit of a summer vacation. I forgot to bring our cord to transfer pictures from the camera to the computer with us this that was really smart. Anyways, there might not be much on here for awhile.