Monday, March 22, 2010

Mason's Newest Obsession

First it was vacuums. Then it was pirates. Now it is Star Wars. He loves it. He can talk about it all day long. This whole thing started because we have a Lego Star Wars video game that they got to play. The game came with a little book with pictures of the characters. Mason carried that around all the time and talked about the people in it all of the time. One day I told him that Darth Vadar was Luke's father. He just stared at me like it was the craziest thing he had ever heard. Now I feel kind of bad because I ruined the surprise. We had movie night a few weeks ago and watched Star Wars. He and Maddy sat through the whole thing. I couldn't believe it....... I remember being bored by parts of those movies when I was little but they just loved it. Here is a picture of Mason with his light saber that Grandma Nickerson got for him when she came to visit. It is still very popular with everyone. If you want to talk to Mason about this you need to know a few things. When Mason says: gobbles- he means goggles
Jedi wipes- Jedi knights
garbage can robot- R2D2
furry guy- Chewie
There are a few other things he says that are really funny but I can't think of them right now. May the force be with you.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ice skating, swimming and things

Last weekend Sam had to go to an optometry conference out in Bend and we all decided to tag along. He had classes in the morning and then the rest of the afternoon off. The conference was at a nice resort kind of place and we got to stay really cheap. We went ice skating one afternoon......well Maddy, Mason and Sam went skating........ okay mostly Maddy and Sam went skating. Mason was done after about 10 minutes. Maddy did really well. She fell down a lot but she kept on trying. There were some heated swimming pools so we got to swim also. It was nice as long as you were in the water. Once you got out though, it was reeeeaaaallllyyyy cold. Even Jack had fun with the swimming. Bend seems like a nice place and hopefully we can go back sometime in the summer and do a little river rafting........ very safe river rafting of course.