Friday, April 29, 2011

Darth Vadar

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long and Boring Winter (with a few bright spots)

I guess I havn't put anything on the blog in a while. Nothing all that interesting has been going on. It just feels like a very long and very blah winter. It is finally getting a little warmer here but it rains all of the time. We might as well live on the Oregon coast. We did have a nice Easter. Sam's parents were able to come for a few days. It was good to see them. We colored eggs and looked for eggs. Our dog Penny turned one this week. Maybe this means she will finally stop chewing on stuff.... like the neighbors fence and the side of our house and people's good shoes. Maddy still really likes being in first grade and Mason has really liked going to preschool this year. Jack really likes Batman. Sam went fishing with someone in the ward a few months ago. He caught a really big fish and he may or may not have seen a mountain lion. Don't worry mom, you can just pretend he didn't. I guess a few interesting things have happened after all. Oh, and then there is another baby boy coming September 6 (or maybe before..... Heavenly Father if you see my blog, just this once can I have a baby before the due date. I don't think this is too much to ask, just this once. I don't mean premature, just a few days...... please? maybe? not likely?)

DMV Rant

Does anyone else strongly dislike going to the DMV? I used to not mind until I tried to get a license here. This rant will not be as fiery as it might have been a few months ago. I guess I've gotten over it some, but here we go anyways....... In January my Ohio license expired so I needed to get one here in Oregon. I gathered up all of the stuff I thought they would want to see, like proof of address, old license, money. I go over there and fill out their form but I didn't have my birth certificate, which they need to see. I go home and come back on a different day. The next time I go in I think I'm all prepared. I show them all of my stuff, but this time my proof of address isn't good enough. They have some crazy rules about what you can use to prove you live somewhere. They said I could get my car registration and use that. I go get it from the car but oh, we can't use that because your name is second on the list. And by the way your birth certificate is a copy and we just can't accept that either. I kind of wanted to jump over the counter and give the guy a little punch in the face. But it was a really high counter and I would have had to climb on a chair...... normally I don't feel like punching people in the face. Maybe it's crazy hormones? I don't want to join the CIA, I just want to drive my car. Anyways, I went home and had my mom send me my original birth certificate. I go back for the third time with all my stuff. When I walk in the lady tells me to take a number, which was funny because there was not even one other person in the room. It was like on Meet the Parents when the stewardess tells Ben Stiller he has to wait until she calls his row to get on the plane even though he is the only one in the terminal. The lady takes my number and I give her all the paperwork. She proceeds to look over every inch of my birth certificate with one of those little fancy glasses that jewelers use to decide if a diamond is real. After about 5 minutes she decides it is real after all. Everything is finally up to their standards and I get my license. Good grief. I have gotten driver's license in 3 states and it was never this much trouble. So either the state of Oregon feels it's very important to be super thorough before they let people drive, or this lady takes her job very seriously or maybe since this is a small town they are not very busy and are just bored. The end.

Christmas 2010.... better late than never

Well, it's almost May and I'm putting up the Christmas pictures. We got to go to Virginia for Christmas this year to visit my family. Everyone one was there and we had a really good time. The kids had fun playing with cousins and grandma and grandpa, opening presents and eating lots of food. It even snowed while we were there...... which would have been pretty cool if we hadn't just come from a place with non stop snow and if it hadn't snowed 12 inches all at once. It never snows there, never. Just so you know, all the pictures are pretty terrible. My camera doesn't like to take nice inside pictures and on some of them apparently I can't figure out how to open the lense cover all the way.