Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to tell my mom happy mother's day. Thank you for being a good mom. You were always there when I'd come home from school and when I had a bad day. Even when I went away to college I knew that I could call home and you would be there. Thank you for being patient with all of us when we were not being the best kids. I know it wasn't always easy for you when dad had to be away with the navy. I wish that I had done more to be helpful, but I guess when you are a kid you don't think about those things as much as you should. Thank you for being the kind of mom that I hope that I can be. Thank you for being a good grandma. I know that all of your grandkids love you and grandpa very much and are always so excited for any chance to see you. I love you! This is a picture of my mom and dad........I think it was one of their engagement pictures. Now everyone can see where Maddy gets her red hair from.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Family Picture......sort of

We tried to take a family picture by ourselves with the timer on the camera. I think it turned out pretty good considering.......until I started getting a little carried away with the editing. I was just trying to get rid of some sun that was on my face and now I have a huge dark spot instead. Everybody else looks good though.

Maddy and the Chocolate Cake Mystery

Last week we had a mystery on our hands. We made root beer float cake for the family home evening treat. We ate some of it for dessert and then I left the rest on the counter. I had to put Mason to bed so I turned on a cartoon for Maddy to try and keep her busy and out of trouble. When I came back out I found Maddy with her mouth covered in chocolate and she had changed into new pajamas.......I think she was trying to hide the evidence. I asked her is she had eaten the cake and Maddy thought for a while and then said, "No." Who could have possibly eaten that cake?
In the kitchen I found the cake with most of the icing eaten off the top. Hmmmm...... the frosting is Maddy's favorite part.
There were crumbs all over the floor, just like if a four year old had been reaching up on the counter and grabbing cake with her hands.................well, I don't know. I'm stumped. Somebody better call Columbo.

It's Finally Spring

The weather has been so nice lately. We really miss getting to play outside in the winter so now we are making up for it by going outside everyday. I tried to take some pictures under our tree that had really pretty white flowers but you can't see the flowers at maybe you can just imagine them there.