Sunday, February 5, 2012

Maddy's Baptism

Maddy got baptized on Saturday. I can't believe that she is already eight years old.
Here are some things about Maddy. She loves school and always works really hard there. She really likes to read and reads very well. She is a good big sister and Mason and Jack always want to play with her. Maddy will help with William. She will hold him or play with him if I need to finish something. Maddy likes animals and Penny likes her the best. She is a good artist and spends lots of time drawing and coloring. We are all really proud of her decision to be baptized.
Hey, I'm actually in a picture. Ugh. Oh well, now you can see that I was actually there.

Maddy wanted a cupcake cake. I think if I had made the very bottom a different color it would have worked better. It still tasted good and that's what really matters anyway. Happy Birthday Maddy!


Erin said...

Maddy is growing up! I think she looks like pictures of Mom when she was little.

Megan S said...

Aww happy birthday to her!

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Gorgeous, blue eyes, Maddie.
I gotta wear sunglasses in
Seventh-Heaven to cut-down
on the glare, miss adorable.
And that fire-engine-red hair?
Knockout in the baseball game.
Just dont get too
many boyfriends, Mad.
You got Only One...
and He'll love ya
like no other for eternity.
And dats da fak, Jak.

Love you, ya Mad woman.
God bless your indelible soul.